Two all beef patties...?

What an interesting sup I had tonight, one big mac minus the aforementioned. No, I did not order it that way. In fact just as I took a bite I remarked how strangely cold it was. Hmmm, no surprise after the ordering fiasco in the first place...

It was bad enough the girl on till ignored us and talked to her friend (who blocked the lineup). Surprised, when the manager had to take our order as she continued blabbing.

Of course the manager asked the girl to stop being rude around the customers. Sure, I was appalled when she basically said she couldn't care less while a young newbie tried to identify the order he was trying to put it together (Oh, the new kid didn't know how to make coffee either)! By then the 'man' in charge told the guy in back to start using the stickers to identify orders as reminded all day.

Unfortunately I lost confidence in his managerial abilities when he jumped into chorus as the blonde in back came up singing 'ole, ole, ole, ole, feeling hot, hot, hot. He didn't seem to notice how stupid all of this looked.

Once I was home I discovered I'd recieved less than a 'big mac'. I tried to find a contact on McDonald's website but nada. My dad, having problems with them before was perturbed enough to take the bun-wich back. Just wait, it gets worse!

He enters the building to see the cashier girl yaking to her friend over the counter (long conversation?). He sees one of the male staff 'hooching' a blonde girls hips (remember her?). But who's the perverted little bugger? Right, that would be the manager!

My dad tells him the 'meat' problem (lack of) and the slight looking greasy haired guy apologizes. My father watched as the guy tried accessing the till (requiring the girl working it. Followig protocol? Haha). He hands my dad some change for the amount of the burger back without even asking if he wanted a replacement. Then he went back to goofing off with his coworkers. My pop was rather dumbfounded.

I've never had such a bad experience. I lost my appetite. I'm boycotting McDonald's. The 'service with a smile is free'. What a laugh. Now I understand how a clown became their mascott.

All grown up

My baby girl, she is growing up so fast! She turned one today. A whole year old (I'm not sure what age that is in dog years). The pekes from my Mom's house came and celebrated over mini cupcakes. Tatty (my little sleeve dog) snuck away and ate the whole thing (wrapper included, unfortunately). She looked sorta green after that. Chyna did her best to follow Amelie around on the 'new toy parade'. This involved running out of the room with each toy then squeaking it in the office and running back into the living room with every single one. Little Am got the cutest gifts and even ate a cupcake, leaving the wrapper on the floor and not her tummy (phew!).


My mother's job is about to change. Since her current workplace is closing down, she must go back to the main store cashing (keep in mind she left there due to severe hand problems). She doesn't like her options. Her position is available at other branches but they are such a long drive away, among other setbacks.

She's depressed. That is understandable. The thing is she's had a hard time before this event. In some ways the job change will help. I mean, how long can she work constant double shifts and lose days off. She actually went to the doctor and finally asked for meds to help. Her stomach might not handle them since she has Crohns. I'm just very worried about her.

The crying game
Well, sweets went back to work on Monday. I'm not sure, but maybe that's the reason behind Amelie's constant whining. Well, maybe not, since she's had this relentless habit since we got her. Surely it's not her nature? I'm at my wits end with it. She wants me to follow her to get her treats or cuddle or whatever, and NEVER STOPS.

I thought my staying home would fix it if it was separation anxiety. It helps but barely. She now gets too many treats and is fussy with her food (I'm sure those two intermingle). She has a pink cast from allergies off and on so we don't give her anything beef related. Seeing she still gets that way (though not as bad), we cut out most of the other treats, like pigs ears, dingos, and such.

The problem is she won't ease up on the crying and scratching. She never gives in or has enough! My nerves are wearing thin, as are daddy dearest's. We can't get anything done.

I need assistance on this one, someone please HELP!

Cupids bow, what's eating you, and inlaws

Puppy Love
Well Amelie had the last laugh. After getting spiffy at her hair appointment we thought we were prepared for the arrival of 'sugar-free grandma' who came up for a wedding and visit over the weekend. Wrong! The very day of her arrival Amelie decided to take up digging up the yard. Her once white face and paws were a muddy mess! Thank God she likes showers as I had to haul her in the stall and rinse her under the spray of water. A successful attempt to stress mommy out!

Darrel's mom brought the troops with her, Kerwin a pug peke and Streak some sort of Swedish hound. It was fun having a houseful of dogs though it made me realize how small our abode is. Talk about attached at the hip! Amelie and Streak were inseparable. They only stopped playing when exhausted, only taking breaks for the occasional nap or sup. I'd tease Darrel about the possible wedding of his doggy daughter. She is sure going to miss having another furry to pal around with.

All things edible
Being short of space I decided to have dinner at my mom and dad's place. Being unprepared I made up some dishes on the spot which turned out delicious. Chicken breasts baked in broth topped with fresh sauteed spinach and onions and a smattering of melted parmasean and assagio cheese. Roasted baby potatoes quartered and blended with oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon. I think it was grand that it turned out quite the same meal at the reception the next day!

Grammy managed to get dear Amelie to eat kibble and pointed us to the brand she was using. We'd tried many. Her suggestion about treats being the culprit of her digestive problems seems on the money. Amelie has been virtually gas-free since we stopped the greenies and goodies. I think she is going through withdrawal though, with all the whining she is doing now.

Our spare room is now my office (have you ever shared an office with your mate?). Thus, grandma insisted on getting lodging that accepted dogs, limiting her options. Sometimes I can't help but shake my head at her reasoning. The dogs had already stayed a night with ease. She already was booked in a hotel room for the wedding (required elevator ride) but none the less scouted for another bedding requiring parking at the door so dog transporting was easier. I felt truly horrible and confused when she ended up in a rather shabby inn.

Don't get me wrong. I love that woman silly. She is a talkative redhead with all the spunk. Between her darling brit accent, love of dogs, as well as raising a respectable son.. I admire her. However, as well meaning as she is my feelings get a bit bent out of shape when she mentions her son's (which are mine) eating habits and his weight. True, her diabetic ('sugar-free') condition makes her knowledgeable about nutrition which is helpful. Maybe I am just insecure but I can't help but wonder what she thinks of me seeing I'm tubby. Who knows?

Sloppy kisses

This bites
I'm sick of soup! I pity teething babes, I really do. I miss brushing my teeth too. All the rinsing in the world doesn't help me understand how the contestants on 'Survivor' could stand it. Ugh!

Dear daughter
I'll be posting a pic of baby Am shortly. She's in heaven because daddy is home on vacation. She whines with delight, driving him utterly crazy. Yes, I wear an evil grin!

Her 'tootalage' hasn't changed much, maybe less frequent. I forgot to mention an important detail... She is fond of sitting on our shoulders at the couch. Need I say more? I laugh between groaning, at least when I'm not the target.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed
Amelie went for her first grooming appointment and faired well. She is super white, nice and clean, and cute as a button. Her haircut upped the cuddle factor seeing she finds it a bit chilly come night time.

We started giving her enzyme supplements hoping to change the 'gassy' situation. Ahem, it isn't working yet. I'm back to blowing our budget burning scented candles daily.

The tongue, the teeth, the mouth, the lips
I found myself in the dentists chair this morning assuming I was getting a filling. Silly me! Turns out I was getting 2 teeth extracted and the filling done in a few weeks instead. It wasn't bad at all, not scary either seeing I've had the proceedure done before. My only problem is trying not to drool milk on my shirt while my lip is still frozen. I won't be able to eat for awhile but perhaps the fast may do me some good.

Set sail on a ship of fools

Things are somber in the wake of katrina. My dog cheers me up when my head gets too bent on how sad the world can be, grateful I am here and not there. It's a mournful time for everyone. My mind is riddled with problems but none as desperate as those souls trying to survive the aftermath of the hurricane.

Actually, watching the news for the last month has been an emotional tryst for me. I can't keep count the prayers I have for all the incidence against humanity lately.

I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs, finding a smile here and there as I go. I guess tomorrows a new day, well, at least for some of us.