My mother's job is about to change. Since her current workplace is closing down, she must go back to the main store cashing (keep in mind she left there due to severe hand problems). She doesn't like her options. Her position is available at other branches but they are such a long drive away, among other setbacks.

She's depressed. That is understandable. The thing is she's had a hard time before this event. In some ways the job change will help. I mean, how long can she work constant double shifts and lose days off. She actually went to the doctor and finally asked for meds to help. Her stomach might not handle them since she has Crohns. I'm just very worried about her.

The crying game
Well, sweets went back to work on Monday. I'm not sure, but maybe that's the reason behind Amelie's constant whining. Well, maybe not, since she's had this relentless habit since we got her. Surely it's not her nature? I'm at my wits end with it. She wants me to follow her to get her treats or cuddle or whatever, and NEVER STOPS.

I thought my staying home would fix it if it was separation anxiety. It helps but barely. She now gets too many treats and is fussy with her food (I'm sure those two intermingle). She has a pink cast from allergies off and on so we don't give her anything beef related. Seeing she still gets that way (though not as bad), we cut out most of the other treats, like pigs ears, dingos, and such.

The problem is she won't ease up on the crying and scratching. She never gives in or has enough! My nerves are wearing thin, as are daddy dearest's. We can't get anything done.

I need assistance on this one, someone please HELP!


jane said...

i wish i could help, but i've got a pig that isn't very affectionate. too bad we couldn't find a happy medium between them. :)

good luck

gabbi said...

Piggies are so adorable! Was he/she what you expected as a pet?