Back track

Today I couldn't help but reminisce about the time I was working at the bathbomb store. Just seeing a picture of any of the specialty soaps we carried brings it all back.

I guess a nose never forgets. I can still imagine every scent of the products we carried. I must have trained my nose well. Admittedly, I miss the shop terribly. My knowledge of the product and abilities truly meshed working there. Leaving the politics of the job behind, I truly loved it. Such sensory delight!

Of course I loved the job I transferred from to go there. Same company, different merchandise. The variety of such, was divine. It was the one job I felt 'cool' working at. The first one that my co-workers were truly nice to me. I can't think of any other jobs I enjoyed more.
But things change, and we move on.

Life has it's graces.
Looking back, what I was and who I am differ greatly. My devilish brain antagonizes but hasn't killed me. I've been fortunate, though unfamiliar. I'm blessed with the support of my mate and my family, who understand my manic nature. I'm afforded the time to create my art, and cope with my souls instabilities.

The past had it's moments, but today is promising...
At least the way I see it.