Not my words (but my sentiment exactly)

It was difficult to choose which entry to share when I happened apon this insightful blog of the talented margaret cho

Gaps... Lots of them

All that I know is... I went to bed with a tooth. Now most of it is absent. This is ridiculous already! I'm sick of the dentist. Certainly can't afford another round. I was waiting for enough money to get my partial (finally). Now I have to get this fragment pulled, and God knows what else! Being self-conscious has gotten ten times worse overnight.

At this rate I'm never leaving the house. I would probably cry but I think my emotions are spent. Numb or defeated, take your pick.

Amelie finally got her 'home style' haircut. It's brought out the puppy in her. I'd smile but I haven't one available to me at the moment, *so very funny*.

I need to get a refill on my meds, and make a shrink appointment. I haven't been since end of last year, I think. I've been avoiding a visit simply because happy or sad, I don't have it in me. Call me courageous. Can you *feel the sarcasm?*.