All washed up

Leave it to me to take a perfectly innocent event and turn it into something horrible...

Trying to be productive I decided to do a few loads of laundry on Friday. When I went to transfer it into the dryer the next day I realized I'd made a terrible mistake. I should have been more careful,and concern myself with the detail of checking pockets diligently - but I didn't. Darrel's mobile phone took a full cycle dunk with the rest of the clothes. At least I noticed before it went in the dryer, which was somehow comforting looking unmarred and intact.
OH NO! That's all I could bloody think. It's new and he splurged on all the bells and whistles and I RUINED IT.
So I basically felt like shit the rest of the day, guilty as hell for this mishap and all the others I'd gotten myself into. Indeed, I saw myself as the plague. Maybe my Dad and so many others were right - I never seemed to do anything right. How could I deny such evidence? Such costly and foolish mistakes. All mine.

Add the fact that the his visiting Mother noticed a new condensation problem with the toilet in the bathroom where the walls are laminated to match the floor, and where the shower unit managed to warp and pull away from the wall. Remember, this is the house he would have never opted for if it weren't for me. That same house whose furnace keeps crapping out, wiring needs completely redoing, with disappointingly shoddy wood floors and awful burgundy/purple painted walls.

At least today, when the Cell seemed completely dry I summoned the nerve to turn it on. Thank God my prayers were answered! It appears to be in working order, so far as I can tell. Phew, I did let out a minor exhale! One less casualty by fault of my own. Sweet miracle it is - I am so grateful for it.

Behind closed doors

Call me crazy but I'm dreading company today. It really isn't the visitor in particular, but my just wanting to be alone. Maybe immerse myself in art. I'm too tense.

People send me into a panic. Gosh, I know it's unavoidable. I feel overwhelmed and the option to escape becomes all that matters. I'm not always like this though, and on those occasions - thank goodness for that. Once I'm at where I need to be, with whomever I should be - I'm usually fine. Why some days I feel more cornered than others is a mystery.

All I know is that this morning my heart feels like its in my throat and I physically want to back away like a scared animal... It's just plain daffy.

Total Recall

Who knew my mom was right all along?

The pet food recall only reinforces
her belief. As a little girl her dogs ate real food scraps, a healthy variety of home made meals from the farm. Those were healthy dogs.

With a little bit of nutrition know-how she continued out of necessity,
creating a diet for dogs with special needs. It all started when she adopted a puppy with allergies. The tradition carried on as she nursed a rescued stray with electrolyte imbalances. Caring for some problematic Pekingese of a fussy nature only furthered her reasoning.

She's been feeding the dogs home cooked meals, avoiding store bought prepared canned pet food for ages. Every dog since has lived happily and healthy. I'm a firm believer in organic options.

Personally, I've done my research and really read the labels. My pooches get the royal treatment enjoying garden veggies, chicken, barley, and fruits like blueberries in their favorite dry food. Amelie's food sensitivity led us through dozens of varieties of 'vet approved' products. The latest poison scare makes me glad I went with a more natural approach.

Some recipes to try...

Real Food for Dogs: 50 Vet-Approved Recipes to Please the Canine Gastronome