This reminded me of Amelie's persistence this morning...

Sometimes my dog is the best damn alarm clock. Now I just have to figure out her 'snooze' setting.

Talk about the weather

It's been either silly cold here (think below -40 if you factor in the wind chill) or dramatically warm for the season (like spring thaw) the past week. All this climate change seems to tap into my mood and very disposition. From freezing to tepid temperatures my body gauges the rise and plummet of the thermometer. Seriously, I've such a headache! Not much of a surprise with the likes of such confusion, wouldn't you think?

Hopefully this kinder weather has it's stay. Dogs get to have their walks. The nine to fivers get a slice of the daylight. Everyone gets a piece of what's been missing.

Soon, hibernation will yawn away it's sleepy state and some of us can start feeling normal again.