Hi to all those that missed me!

I've been sick, sick of being sick. Certainly not interested in writing about it so I haven't been blogging. There isn't much to elaborate on, seeing I haven't been going out much.

Amelie might be getting an older sister. My Mom's friend is sick in the hospital and its up in the air what the dufus in charge will be doing with her dog. All I know is that the doggies Mommy is not going to get better, ever. Life is sad, isn't it?

This minute, I smell things. Yeah, I'm funny that way. Having a sensitive nose can be so gross sometimes. I'm amazed what scents I'm able to pick up. Must have been a blood hound in my past life. All I can say is P U. Now I just have to figure out where the heck its coming from!

Sometimes being sick hovers over you. I'm aware of the sadness I feel when I'm due for my scheduled meds. Grateful, when they do provide relief. Frightened that the could care less attitude will take over the carefree one I strive for. It's those moments that keep me humble.

Then there is the little click in my mind setting off a spasm of nanosecond panic. What if the pills stop working again? What if my trust dissipates into paranoia? Like cripes, what if I'm right?

Mostly I can convince myself that I'll snap back quickly, or that my hormones are playing devils advocate impending that certain time of month. Sometimes, maybe I'm just having a bad day. Maybe that is all it is and nothing more.

There is a key to happiness. It involves having faith and letting go of doubt. Sometimes barely getting by is just enough. Worry is the enemy. The moment is where life really happens. Yesterday is lesson or fond memory. Tomorrow is another day. Mystery is far more interesting than knowing it all. Opinions are merely that and not facts. The people you love will at some point hurt you. Pain fades, time heals. If nothing else, always forgive yourself. Even mean people are nice, time to time. Don't predict an outcome, or the weather. You can choose your family but not your relatives (but its up to you to visit them or not). We all are connected, you need only reach. You're never really alone.

And the biggy...
Life really is a cliche and that's ok.