New day

Up early, bright eyed and bushy tailed...
Make that 'blurry eyed' and forget about the tail all together.

I'm struggling to come up with some interesting metaphor to explain these days and get this blog rolling but I haven't found one yet, so bare with me. Once and a while a bird will chirp and rouse me back to the keys...CLICK. Mostly, I've just been staring at the blinking cursor (I think it's mocking me).

The yappy little dog across the street seems to have awakened too. The incessant little beast stirs my own canine companion from her sleep to consider adding her bark to the day.
Good-morning to the both of you...
and good-morning to you too.

New in town

The other day mother nature had a surprise for me.
I'd woken up early, the dog was unusually asleep, I'd fed the fish, and decided to open up the drapes in the living room to let some sunlight in. Normally I don't do this and leave it to my significant other before he makes his way to work. It was perfectly quiet for the upcoming moment.

It was when I parted the window covering that I'd exposed my chance discovery. Straight before me trekked a stray and unfamiliar breed of dog in the morning's stillness. It had that look about it, a creature lost in it's surroundings. Its gait was quick, tail down, focused and on mission as it moved along the road in front of me. I stood, obviously more awake than moments before, a bit stunned. At this point I'd ascertained what I discovered was not domestic. Perhaps home laid outside the skirt of the neighborhood for this sole traveler.

Let me first say that the most I'd seen in our neck of the woods (so to speak) was the rare rabbit or squirrel as far as wild things go. Sure, plenty of birds, but such feathered forms have plentiful airspace to travel. It's not so easy for the pedestrian variety of critters though. Up-road lies a raceway of cars on commute that most people wouldn't dare foot. The ground traffic around here is simply a deterrent for any errant creature's wanderings. A preditor following prey might explain the nature of this visit, though I'd never seen a bunny try to make that crossing.

Suddenly the strange visitor came to a stop. It had noticed the lights from a parked car along the street. Someone was letting their vehicle warm up while busy inside tending to other things. It skittered, then circled into a nearby yard (next-door to be exact). It was afraid? As I witnessing this leeriness I was able to deduce further... The canine at hand was, in fact, a coyote.

By the time I woke my significant other to share the event, it had gone. The experience would be mine alone. This was no lone wolf, he joked. Maybe it had merely been a vision, like some sign.
Of what, I am not sure.

It's April - already?

Just popping my head in, to say 'I'm back!'
So many blog buddies are on hiatus, and this space gets lonely.

I can breathe a sigh of relief, as Jane is back. Is everyone else's life as upside down as mine lately? It's like one week of stability, then the rest of the month is topsy-turvy. I haven't found the magic pill or renown diet to deal with the likes of me yet. So I guess I'll just feel really BIG and crazed until I sort things out. The truth is carbs keep me calm and cheer me up. Every new pill just adds a few more pounds to the massive many from the meds I've taken before.

Meanwhile, my productivity is stagered. I put off more than I crank out as far as responsabilities go. Where my heads at is hard to explain...

Once a nutter, always a nutter, don't you think?

Dog belly wisdom

Someone pointed out this fantastic cartoon about pet obesity. Have a chubby puppy? Weighed down kitty-cat? Here's some insight to why your fur-baby suddenly piled on the pounds...

Cold View

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I've got a bit of... what's the word I'm looking for? Not 'cabin fever'. I'd say... erm...
'WINTER WIG-OUT'. Yep, that's definitely it.

If I rub away the fog and take a look out the window, it's as if the snow has erased any trace of life outside. From the neighbors - right down to the birds. Just an empty scape void of happening. It's a lot like the Langoliers, which I got stuck watching a few days ago. Stephen King was right to think it frightening. The TV has been about as entertaining as the view too, by the way.

Even the dog is suffering from this chill. She barely dares to take a wee outside, hopping on each leg while her feet dare to freeze to the ground. When she isn't sleeping the day away in a shroud of blanket, she's about as spry as I. Each of us iced over, frosted in doldrums.
Both of us waiting...
for someone to get an ice-pick and dig us out.


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I prefer to muddle through the list of changes to make, the additions and subtractions I'll be creating in my life, AFTER January.

Everybody is already well on their way to breaking the recent resolutions they've made for the new year! After the stress of holiday preparations and obligations, barely finishing Christmas celebrations - it's no wonder that any big plans start unraveling quickly.

These bone-chilling days are too somber a mood of gray for such debt. They provide a less than upbeat backdrop. Such dismal characteristics are not indictive to feeling refreshed and renewed. Heck, you haven't even received the bill for December's good will givings. Wouldn't it be better to wait until you've gotten the statement and made the first payment?

At the moment I'm just coming to terms with the projects I haven't completed from the year before (which ended but a few days ago). My clean slate won't appear for a few weeks, and only then will I have the fortitude to carry out, wait - actually hatch a plan for 2009.

Don't get me wrong. The New Year is like a shining light, full of hope and much promise. But I myself would rather wait until I've reached the end of a dark tunnel before navigating myself into another direction. To do otherwise seems fool-hardy, don't you think?

My watch may be set off a month from the rest of the world, but time is relative, as the saying goes. Still, I wish a prosperous New Year to you all.


Insurance isn't all it's cracked up to be. Lucky to have it, unlucky what it might not cover. Bittersweet as the pills it offers to access. I'm sick of the what not and who for. Five days from a possible solution, to sit with the doc and mull it over. The meds have their price. Sometimes it's the side effects, withdrawal. Then again, often the cost is money. Each of these question what can be afforded. Somehow I'm likely to feel lousy one way or another, I'm assured.

You wanna know what's weird?

When it's late at night I can hear my computer chomping on bytes, as it takes it's sweet time doing the simplest tasks. Maybe it's tired, and it's brain is hurting and that's it's way of cussing. Hmmm.


OK. I'm finally totally hating this up all night thing.

I feel strange, as if sensing impending doom. I know that sounds paranoid, tense, deranged. Perhaps it is. Then again, maybe it isn't.

I'd rather not feel like this. The truth is I'm not fond of roaming about night after night, it's really lonely and dull. Now I just hate it, hate it immensely. The days don't look any brighter. Being awake is just as depressing as sleep. Really unhappy for me.