You wanna know what's weird?

When it's late at night I can hear my computer chomping on bytes, as it takes it's sweet time doing the simplest tasks. Maybe it's tired, and it's brain is hurting and that's it's way of cussing. Hmmm.


OK. I'm finally totally hating this up all night thing.

I feel strange, as if sensing impending doom. I know that sounds paranoid, tense, deranged. Perhaps it is. Then again, maybe it isn't.

I'd rather not feel like this. The truth is I'm not fond of roaming about night after night, it's really lonely and dull. Now I just hate it, hate it immensely. The days don't look any brighter. Being awake is just as depressing as sleep. Really unhappy for me.

Night Keeper

Ever been home-sick?
Well, I've been ever so, heart rending days-gone-by blue.

I fret at night instead of sleep. I ache with lonesome these nights. Dreams just remind me of my faults and failures. If they only had a pill to stop them, I'd be happy. So I stay awake as much as I can until bed wins. When all I'm able to notice is how the sheets feel good between my toes and I'm too tired to think for too long.

Tonight... I'm lamenting over what's been missing from my life, the way people were, how I was, that sort of thing. I miss my dearest friend and the times we had together. I miss how things were between my beau and me. I miss how I thought about myself.

All while good people are asleep and dreaming.