New in town

The other day mother nature had a surprise for me.
I'd woken up early, the dog was unusually asleep, I'd fed the fish, and decided to open up the drapes in the living room to let some sunlight in. Normally I don't do this and leave it to my significant other before he makes his way to work. It was perfectly quiet for the upcoming moment.

It was when I parted the window covering that I'd exposed my chance discovery. Straight before me trekked a stray and unfamiliar breed of dog in the morning's stillness. It had that look about it, a creature lost in it's surroundings. Its gait was quick, tail down, focused and on mission as it moved along the road in front of me. I stood, obviously more awake than moments before, a bit stunned. At this point I'd ascertained what I discovered was not domestic. Perhaps home laid outside the skirt of the neighborhood for this sole traveler.

Let me first say that the most I'd seen in our neck of the woods (so to speak) was the rare rabbit or squirrel as far as wild things go. Sure, plenty of birds, but such feathered forms have plentiful airspace to travel. It's not so easy for the pedestrian variety of critters though. Up-road lies a raceway of cars on commute that most people wouldn't dare foot. The ground traffic around here is simply a deterrent for any errant creature's wanderings. A preditor following prey might explain the nature of this visit, though I'd never seen a bunny try to make that crossing.

Suddenly the strange visitor came to a stop. It had noticed the lights from a parked car along the street. Someone was letting their vehicle warm up while busy inside tending to other things. It skittered, then circled into a nearby yard (next-door to be exact). It was afraid? As I witnessing this leeriness I was able to deduce further... The canine at hand was, in fact, a coyote.

By the time I woke my significant other to share the event, it had gone. The experience would be mine alone. This was no lone wolf, he joked. Maybe it had merely been a vision, like some sign.
Of what, I am not sure.