About me

I've been memed!
An enjoyable blogger - Jane gave me some points to ponder. Here are my answers...
10 years ago: working my butt off waitressing. Scared of my own shadow.

5 years ago:
Sleeping mostly, in a room as cluttered as my mind at the time.

1 year ago:
working myself sick. All the trappings for happiness but too stressed to stand it.

Yesterday: PMSing.

5 snacks I enjoy:
Ben & Jerry's icecream

Starbucks chai latte
Pocky (creme mousse kind)
Lindor truffles

5 songs I know the words to:

More to life than this ~ bjork
Let's go to bed ~ the cure
Leave in silence ~ depeche mode
Freaky Out-ee ~ home movies

5 things I would do with $100 million:
take care of my family

buy a house
rescue animals
donate to charity

5 locations I would like to run away to:


5 bad habits I have:

talking during movies (just at home, not in theatres!)
impulse buying
zoning out
playing with my feet

5 things I like doing:
watching movies with D

gossiping with my sis
hugging my puppies
visiting my mom
listening to coast to coast am on the radio

5 things I would never wear:

leather pants
real fur

5 TV shows I like:
Most haunted

Home movies
Dr. Phil
Law & Order

5 biggest joys of the moment:
mental health

being loved
cool breeze
sound of birds and rustling leaves

5 favorite toys:

cordless mini vac
fish tank
cable movie channels
milk frother

I tag...
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I'll excuse you for yawning

Next stop: dullsville
I haven't written in awhile. I'm suffering 'blog jam' (bloggers block). A performance anxiety of sorts which leaves me indecisive about what to write. I'm too concerned about the read and not the release.

Normally I'd blather on about trivial things. I've notice a trend in the blogging world. So many blogs
about the war, world hunger, and Katie Holmes. The truth is I'm finding it very hard to consider my menial life's ranting worthy of reading, therefore writing. I don't have answers so I don't voice my own, or at least I haven't for the past few days.

Even talking about the weather has become a heavy topic. I'm lucky, we have no hurricanes. There isn't much to worry about here. It's mildly hot but I find the air suffocating so I'm praying for rain. I've added this for entertainment value, seeing this entry is truly boring.


I dreamt Britney Spears was smart. She felt the mind and the person inside the body were more inportant than the body itself.

I dreamt that I was Tom Cruise's hired help. I kept trying to figure out what I could make him at meal time. The fretting about it was needless because he never came home to eat anything anyway.

I dreamt that an ogre was writing the next Harry Potter of the literature world. I was so concerned that the words being used might be too hard for children to understand.

Nothing like this reflects my reality, so wtf?

fades out - showing passage of time

Hot, hot, hot!
I'm finding my backward sleeping habits rewarding. The only time it's cool enough to do anything is during the wee hours of morning. The day staggers with all the pollen and unbearable heat. Sweat and allergies, two of my least favorite things.

Get away
We packed up and headed for D's mom's during the weekend. Amelie enjoyed playing with Streak despite his over zealous brawn. I played scared mom on the side lines, ready to swoop up my fur baby at any moment of danger, afraid I wouldn't be fast enough. D and 'sugar-free grandma' were more relaxed about the matter. I guess I'm used to my families placid pekes.

Alive and kicking
Yesterday earmarks the first day of feeling somewhat normal this summer's calendar. I haven't felt alright with myself for so long. I forgot what it's like not to worry and dread every second's passing. I'm not all better but I'm better off, which says a lot. If D ever reads this, I thank him for making it possible. I also thank those who took the time to reach out in blogland, you know who you are!