Out with the old, in with the new

I've noticed a lot of my blog readers haven't come back from my my 'lapse' in writing. The last few days I've been redecorating/overhauling the design... it bored me too.

It's been a challenge. Without vector type software I'm finding myself in a bit of a pickle. Yes, I had all the graphic programs once (considering my background) but had to scale down when money was tight. Actually, It was more like it had me in strangle hold! Back then I had a Mac so the old stuff would have just been out of date and unsupported by now anyway. Out with the old and in with the new, I guess.

Then. Ah, then. It would have been a cake walk coming up with something visually appealing. Yet, it's much like riding a bike - as you never truly forget the how of doing it. But being out of practice hasn't helped much either. I digress, as I'm coming back to things I've found that I'm a bit out of touch.

Anyway, please bare with me as I implement some new ideas, and add some personality to this blog.
Thanks so much!

Savor the day

Endearing Sunday

This is my my day to wonder and delight in smaller things, not endure them. I set it aside in hope for fabulous finds of happenstance. Just a day to admire and make memento, deciding upon what simple things really hold true affection. Items not about ownership or possession, that need not be grand in scale or monetary value.

What has worth is often hidden. Here's a map, if your intent on such a day of discovery:

The voyage...
Peruse unusual areas, such as odd stores for nick-knacks. Maybe slip into your storage shed of forgotten. Visit a market, and consider adopting second-hand. Stay inside, or brave the weather but where you go may take a little digging.

It's good to know what it is your searching for...
Ask yourself: Does the item evoke a memory? Take you to a far get-away? Perhaps peek your curiosity or make you smile inside. If it's special to you, then you've found your gem.

Enjoy the looking!...
These are visual and tactile treats of a different kind, This is art for your heart, and such a thing that an entire day could partake a day of. This day is for free-falling. Forgo navigation, and meander a quiet shop aimlessly. Flip through the pages of a stack of books. Peek in the box at the back. Don't be afraid to brush the dust with your sleeve - being adventurous can sometimes get dirty.

Once you've settled on your treasure...
Land on the perfect spot to nestle with your findings. Drink in that space, fill your senses with your surroundings. Appreciate the moment and the minimum. Cherish whatever new odds and ends you've acquired. See that it's not just about the item, but the journey.

Do cave in to tiny luxuries....
Splurge on coffee and a decadent bite of your craving. Feed the soul.

~Indulge in your mini Sunday excursion!~

This bed by the window

Bumpy tufts and layers of cotton batting. Clouds unrolling like a quilt across a sleek blue linen sky. Wind sounds of whirring, like tiny fans in those sew shops. Blades spinning, scanning watchful of it's seamstress, and much like my tossing in bed...
- side to side-.

On any given Friday

Finally Friday,
now that's a blessing!

There's always relief when a week is near it's vanishing point.
FRIDAY, a bulls-eye flagging everyone's calendar. A chance to send those past seven days packing (with whatever emotional upheaval they'd brought to us).

Today, this very Friday is thought to be larger than some (though it's hardly so in my eyes). 'Black Friday', they say. A mad dash of unruly types gather to scour the stores for bargains. Foolish - that. Old stock marked down to make room for Holiday orders. A penny saved on the obsolete merchandise when everyone later begs for the newer versions.

Crowds are best avoided regardless of pinching for those prices - if you'd rather keep any holiday cheer intact.

Best to keep things simple.
Friday is always a big deal in itself, after all...

Not today

Some days are destined to be difficult.
Little things mount into mighty. Yet, as today pains me - there is no retreat. Just heavy sighs of struggle on sloping shoulders where the weight of the world seems carried.

Last night I was eager for today. Now I just want tomorrow... a day unlike this one.

The sopping mess

I've been spinning in a vortex of ordinary, pulling me in and taking me under. Caught in mid-cycle, muddled within the eddy of laundry in the washing machine. Dull as my dishwater. Beyond repair as my hair. But there is always tomorrow - the rinse and repeat.

More moments in another humid little room. Musty fishtanks, foul odour puppy-dog carpet and fur covered blankies, clean mixed with mingy piles of clothes covering forbade flooring. I pass the fridge and it's uneaten leftovers, walk across a stack of empty boxes due for recycling, then push my way through coats blocking the doorway (all the while thinking about how empty the hall closet seemed). Inside this room looms the ever-full hamper, a basket of fresh but wrinkled clothes and nary an extra hanger for them.

I know I must get to those dirty dishes. Sweep up kibble and hairballs. Start a rejectable supper. Maybe I'll wander off to play a mindless game and stop the wondering why. Does it even matter?

I recall a few journal entries that only made it to paper, I'd never posted. They seemed kind, dire, and so very fragile. Smudgy and greyed with pencil. Easy loss in a pocket unturned. Not near permanent as black type on a bright white background, a word file. Saved as, published - blogged into being.