It's April - already?

Just popping my head in, to say 'I'm back!'
So many blog buddies are on hiatus, and this space gets lonely.

I can breathe a sigh of relief, as Jane is back. Is everyone else's life as upside down as mine lately? It's like one week of stability, then the rest of the month is topsy-turvy. I haven't found the magic pill or renown diet to deal with the likes of me yet. So I guess I'll just feel really BIG and crazed until I sort things out. The truth is carbs keep me calm and cheer me up. Every new pill just adds a few more pounds to the massive many from the meds I've taken before.

Meanwhile, my productivity is stagered. I put off more than I crank out as far as responsabilities go. Where my heads at is hard to explain...

Once a nutter, always a nutter, don't you think?