Sans grey

I am most certainly tired. Just not enough sleep.

These days lack so much focus and suffer as a result. Thank goodness I've been able to get a few things done and out of the way come night time. I'd feel like a total slouch if it weren't for those productive little spurts. Maybe its the veil of darkness shielding my eyes from the bleak sky that make the evening hours ideal. Such a cold and colorless backdrop outside these days. Unarguably dreary and mundane.

I've wrapped my furry sidekick in my jacket draping the back of my office chair. I can't help but notice there's about as much hair on it as the dog it covers. Dopey from the dregs of morning her sleep seems more peaceful than mine.

At the moment this short entry will have to do. I need to stretch awake and somehow tug my eyes open from the heaviness before it seals them.

My going back to bed is not a better option...
Even if it is a tempting one.

Bundle up

It's been a peculiar week fueled by coffee and other urban addictions. I've been so tired. Groggy during the day, so much so I've been sleeping in. Thank God for a conscientious bedfellow. Letting me escape the mundane morning routine of breakfast, attending to urgent canine bladders and what not.

Fall has christened the yard with a rainbow of leaves, frosting them over. The world feels ready to pull out the covers. A blanket of snow seeming only days away. I too long to hibernate from this steely grey. These dark days of winter.

Out come the wooly socks, heavy jackets, and fleece throw for the sofa. The nip in the air is formidable, enough that even the dog has been donning a sweater. It's mid October and the furnace is already struggling with the need for heat. I'm overwhelmed with the urge to stockpile hoards of the goods produced by demented baking.

Winter is certainly on it's way.