Ah ah CHOO!

Something in the air
What's the record for how many sneezes in a row? 'Tis the season. All the beautiful flowers, lush green grass, and don't forget those poofy little dandelion seeds spreading joy on wing in their notorious fluffy parachutes.

Reminds me of a story about someone. When he was just a little arse (not yet the big arse he is now) he loved to blow on those dandelions and make a wish. One summer he found a huge (not sure how big it would seem now) cotton ball of a dandelion.

Now I'm not sure on the wish, or that it counts seeing how it turned out. While readying himself to take an enormous puff... HE INHALED THE WHOLE THING! This resulted in a spasm of choking and coughing.

This probably provides one of the reasons he grew up to be jaded, come to think of it. Anyway, I thought it was funny, don't you?

Love cats
Being up all night I get to hear all kinds of things. How many cars speed recklessly down the street, people coming home in the wee hours drunk as a skunk and thus louder and clumsier than usual, and mostly, mostly I hear CATS IN HEAT!

I could go into detail about why the lady cat howls and leaves very pissed off but it's quite graphic (I'll give you a hint that 'spikes' are involved! You can look up the rest). People, stop leaving your cat out at night. Especially if you don't have the heart (or home for the resulting litter) to fix your furry feline friends. Geez!

It's not all bad
Plenty of nice things occur but never have the chance to be published. Mostly, the words come out corny, and worst of all boring. Delete delete. Sarcasm sells. Buy what you want into that.