Tricky treats

My dogs scarfed down their supply of treats in record breaking time this weekend. None or not, their whining persisted past bedtime. I resorted to divvying up my own goodies for some peace and quiet. A bribe in effort to give my ears a rest until they finally decided to wind down.

And so begins my Monday morning.

Speckles greeted the day by pooping on the sidewalk again. What a lousy way to greet the day. Her flair for food ingestion, digestion, and ejection astounds me.
Amelie hoarded her provided 'shudder-up' cookie from last night. She must have dutifully buried it upon waking while no one was looking. How do I know that? The tell-tale dirt moustache gave it away.

She's a creature of habit. Frequently stealing off to stash the odd treat or what not but rarely gets to taste the fruit of her labor. Speckles finds and tummies those treasures. Others are likely winged off in flight of thieving birds (judging from the bone resting up on the garage roof ). I guess that lends reason to their greedy behavior. Why dogs hide off into their own select corners, gulping most delectables down in an instant. Have you ever seen our domestic furry counterparts actually settle down and slowly savor anything? Other than the occasional belly rub, I'd say anything resembling subdued pleasure is unlikely. It's a dog eat dog world, ain't it?

Eesh. I was doing fairly well emotionally, until last night. Damn, it was like falling on my ass. Painful and hard to get back on my feet, yah know? Probably fault of hormone flux. PMS can be such a bitch. Literally.


Name: Thomas J. Ashton
Age: 21

Killed at: World Trade Center

From city: New York

Ashton was a political science major at St. Francis College in Brooklyn until May, when he announced to his parents that he was leaving college to become an electrician.

"He was determined to do this because he was impatient and really just wanted to start his life," his mother said. "He and his girlfriend were looking forward to a future. He wanted to start making money and have a goal. The electrical industry gave him a goal to shoot for."

The announcement was met with some objections from his parents, who urged him to finish working toward his bachelor's degree. Following through with his promise to manage both endeavors, he had registered for college the night before the terror attack.

Sept. 10 was Ashton's first day at electricians school. On his second day on the job as an apprentice with Local 3 in Manhattan, he was sent to the 95th floor of the World Trade Center's north tower to work alongside an electrician, and that's where he was when the first plane hit.
Excerpt profile courtesy of THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Word Association

Yep, I've been tagged!

Here's the game
: Write the 1st word that pops in your head when you read these words
(my answers are included here):

pleasure - center
secret - place
candy - colored
stigma - infliction
erotic - musings

Jane (who snuck up and tagged me) offers a way out if you don’t want to join in the game: Just pretend you didn’t read this and you didn’t see my message on your blog.

I dutifully tag 5 unsuspecting bloggers:
lizzy b

Being the little guy

A belated 'homage' to Labor day, better late than never...
The worst ways to get fired.

Her are some examples of a few companies' stunningly warm & fuzzy behaviors.

There is no excuse for being meanies, just because your bigger than someone.

On the fly

Lordy, was I busy last night! My dreaming took me back to an old place I used work. It made me realize just how hard the job was, and how difficult things were for me. I woke up glad to be done with that miserable bit of my life. Just thinking about it makes my brain hurt.

The adult in me would love to tell those Soddy little buggers off. Too many of my co-workers and peers alienated me, nervy enough to think I was less than, or too bitchy. I built up a wall of defense. Surprise, surprise. Oh, and some of the customers (we had to call them 'guests') were the only bitter pill I had to swallow at the time. I bumped into one of the few people I did get along with about a year ago. She did have the guts to call them on their jerkiness, then quit. It made me feel better knowing someone finally put them in their place (Thanks, Tammy).

It's no wonder I had such a frenzied dream. I went to bed keyed up. I'm not sure if I was jazzed up by my nocturnal instincts or med increase, but a pattern is becoming evident. I'm going to have to put on my thinking hat and do some research. Bless the internet for making discovery a little bit easier.
I'm hoping that this potent cocktail has enough kick to get me back in the swing of things.

* Cross your fingers. *