On the fly

Lordy, was I busy last night! My dreaming took me back to an old place I used work. It made me realize just how hard the job was, and how difficult things were for me. I woke up glad to be done with that miserable bit of my life. Just thinking about it makes my brain hurt.

The adult in me would love to tell those Soddy little buggers off. Too many of my co-workers and peers alienated me, nervy enough to think I was less than, or too bitchy. I built up a wall of defense. Surprise, surprise. Oh, and some of the customers (we had to call them 'guests') were the only bitter pill I had to swallow at the time. I bumped into one of the few people I did get along with about a year ago. She did have the guts to call them on their jerkiness, then quit. It made me feel better knowing someone finally put them in their place (Thanks, Tammy).

It's no wonder I had such a frenzied dream. I went to bed keyed up. I'm not sure if I was jazzed up by my nocturnal instincts or med increase, but a pattern is becoming evident. I'm going to have to put on my thinking hat and do some research. Bless the internet for making discovery a little bit easier.
I'm hoping that this potent cocktail has enough kick to get me back in the swing of things.

* Cross your fingers. *


Lizzy B said...

Fingers crossed dear-heart.


Have I told you lately just how great I think you are??

jane said...

I find vivid dreams fascinating as long as they're not nightmares. Both meds & pms have caused my dreams to be more intense. I'm glad you're out of that line of work too. :)