Rooting for me

Lovely, I'm sitting in the dentist chair while my Doc and her assistant huddle themselves over my x-ray in bewilderment. They are astonished, because after all this time there is big hard to miss root left from a season pasts root canal (one of many). The purpose of this visit was to fix my broken teeth which had crumbled under the pressure of my clenched jaw, sleeping. This news was a bonus. Yay for team ME!

Water dog

My dogs will not venture outside.
They will not go out to pee in the rain. There is no telling them that it isn't likely to stop 'pissing' down anytime soon. Rather than cross their legs, it would do them better to get a 'back-bone' and get over it already. Geez.


disso_k said...

My dogs are just as picky about peeing in the rain. If I open the back door for them and they find its raining, they stop dead in their tracks. You can almost hear them thinking, "I'm not going out in that. My delicate paws will get wet!" I always have a little giggle to myself, that is until I find a puddle on the lounge room floor. :)

Good luck with the dentist's visits for your teeth.

gabbi said...

thanks! I need all the luck I can get. I admit it really is funny how they the dogs halt at the sight of raindrops. :)

jane said...

HA! Your dogs are like people, I love it!