I'm practically speechless. Last night I was having a dream, in that semi-sleep lucid way that usually means you should wake up. In this foggy state I wondered about the shard of glass in my mouth. WTF?

When I finally woke up I noticed the odd sensation in my mouth immediately. It was a condition easily recognized due to past experience. Yep. I broke off another tooth. Unbelievable!

So I did some reading, looking for answers. After all the internet is an unlimited source of information and I had no interest in sleep at that moment. What I found was emphasis on how SSRIs tend to cause not only dry mouth but bruxism as well. That's a fancy word for teeth clenching and grinding. Clenching was exactly what I was doing when I felt the gritty sand-like texture of my crumbled tooth. Lovely.

Don't mind me if I come off whiney. I'm upset. I went through the pain of special surgeries, braces, and ridicule for the gaps and springs (all sorts of crazy shit that make braces seem a piece of cake) for nothing. For worse than nothing. I'd love to forget the root canals and tsk-tsking of dentists. The raised brows signaling yet another dental death sentence. A departed beloved tooth yanked from my mouth. Whatever I can afford to get done is never enough. The shame involved in the experience is revolting.

If I would have gone to the next step - a partial (pricey enough to warrant an insurance quote) it would have been money wasted. Seeing I'd be getting more work done and need a new one.

Maybe my sarcasm humor will carry me through this disheartening curcumstance. I mean, what more can I do but laugh. So I'll focus on the bright side. Nobody should notice my disgraceful grin.
Well, because...

I have very little to smile about now anyway.


jane said...

Ohhhh maybe that's why 1 of my teeth has gotten crooked. The dentist said it was probably from grinding, but I didn't think I was. Hmmmm something to think about.
I'm going to look into those night protectors, have you heard of them? They're like plastic things they put in your mouth for when you sleep, so that you don't grind your teeth.
I'm so glad you mentioned this. So glad! Thanks, Gabbi.
I hope they can fix your teeth.

mainja said...

for the record, i would be upset too, doesn't come off as whiny at all.

i have to say though, i giggled when i clicked on the site to comment (i read off of an rss feeder) and the ad at the top of the page was for tooth repair...