This morning I woke up to rain, rain, lots of it. The dogs hate it, though I'm not sure why seeing it's messy, wet, surely a match made in heaven. I however, love the rain! I wilt on hot summer days, but give me a cool shower burst to break from the heat and I'm good to go! Don't forget the beautiful moment the sun appears. The twinkling heavy dewdrops clinging to every blade of grass creating a lush crystal green carpet. Stale air becomes fresh again. Sweet and fragrant.

I think the only thing better than an afternoon drizzle is an evening storm. A real delight during movie night. The neon glare of street lights reflecting from slick black puddles on the pavement. The muffled sound of downpour dancing on the rooftop. Somehow snuggling indoors becomes a fond event, finding comfort between the pane of glass seperating ones self from the torrent. That once 'ever so noisy' furnace becomes a soothing hum as the night wears on.

I'd guess its about being grateful. For the wash of water that makes things new again. For the caress of a cool breeze and wet kiss-like raindrops. Finally taking notice how the world looks brighter when the clouds finally part.

It all depends on how you look at it.

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