Inclinations of the amalgamate kind

Ever see a dog wag it's tail while asleep? Must be one helluva dream!

Yesterday felt rather productive. I tackled those things most avoided. Some of the least pleasant tasks are behind me, for the time being. Take away the harrowing run-in with a brown beastly spider, and I'd say it was a good day.

My pancreas has been giving me a nudge for the last couple of days. Angry at Advil or junk food, it's been waking me up at night. I've no plan on going to a doctor however, aware that there is little they can do. Maybe one day it's protest will cause me to mend my ways. Until then, I'll pretend I'm the boss of it. Perhaps a fool, but my body has had it's share of problems. Nothing new here. Carry on as always.

What a lovely visit I had with my Mom and the dogs! Have I ever posted a pic of my awfully adorable little lions? I swear you'll never see anything sweeter! Tatter-ann and Chinny-wah (devilish nicknames) are a sight to behold. If I ever get my shit together I'll put up a merry lot of photos. Goodness, but I'm full of promises, aren't I?

You cannot fault good intentions.


jane said...

I'd say that's 1 very happy dog to wag its tail while sleeping. Cheeta wags hers sometimes while she sleeps. If we talk about her while she's sleeping, her ears will start to wiggle. But she's a pig, lol, not a dog.
It sounds as though you're doing well Gabbi & I'm so happy to hear that. Gardening definately agrees with you!

Milt Bogs said...

Hi Gabbi
You're sounding very well apart from the pancreas thingy. 'Snuggling indoors becomes a fond event' sounds about right, Mrs B was spark out when I got in tonight.