All in the family

I picked out some gorgeous tree-like shrubs for my parents yard for Fathers Day. I wanted to get something lovely that would last, longer than either of us hopefully. It represents growth and maturity. Something that would be all the more endearing with each passing year. With age I've realized how much my family means to me.

We didn't always get along, me and dear old dad. In fact sometimes we still get our backs up, but usually remember to divert from such toxic topics before conversations turn ugly. Now that I'm older I've become less stubborn. I know well enough to back down and take things like a grain of salt. Let by-gones be by-gones. My past rolls off my back, resentment diluted. Life becomes more fragile with age and is no longer taken for granted.

What precious times left will be good on my watch.

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jane said...

What a nice Father's Day gift. My dad & I were the same way, we'd get into it because we were so much alike. He passed away in 1993 & I wish I'd learned to be like you before he did. I'm glad you're posting more often. :)