Dog day afternoon

Just an example of my true animal loving spirit. I spent the entire afternoon shopping for my pooch. She will be 9 months old this Sunday! I spend more on her than I do on myself. I think I get that from my mom (thanks again mom!).

Puppy Birthday
Mayo dreams come true!

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Amelie was her hyperactive self this morning. Anyways, I got this bright idea to use some aromatherapy oil on her. I wasn't anticipating how strong it would be. Now that's aroma! By the time I left for my shopping trip she was flat out docile. I almost thought she got into moma's sleepy pills she was so spacey! I guess the point is that aromatherapy isn't just for humans and go easy on the perfume you crazy tart!

Well bully for you!
During my jaunt from petstore to petstore I became sidetracked by the puppy windows. They just melt your heart! There happened to be a pug sharing the same space of two cockapoos (I'm giggling like a school girl typing that word in). Well pugster was as bully as you get! Of course the meek woofer was getting its ass kicked by pugsly while bro pitched in.

We ended up making the girl (twit) working there move him, which she was not keen on doing. She was oh so worried about the signs matching the dog cages and said she couldn't separate the two siblings (duh move the trouble-maker knumbskull!).

So why is it that even in the animal kingdom, without human nature (we are the only self destructive species) , do two gang up against one? I have fish that do it, actually all sorts of fish that I had to separate for such behavior. I've seen chickens do the same grisly thing to each other on a documentary even (It ain't pretty).

Also, why is it that the person in charge (like school teachers, bosses, parents) let all of it take place? Take it from someone whose been picked on... Do your job and stop being so afraid to interfere. Just wait 'til somebody picks on my future children, cuz bully - it's payback time!


Sera Strawbridge said...

Happy early bday to your doggie! =D

Eric said...

Excellent site!

My wife and I love our dogs so. My wife turned me from a pet agnostic to a guy willing to spend $3000 for cataract surgery on my dog (one eye, the other is too scarred to see out of, poor thing).

Woof! (But not in a creepy way because that would be wrong)

Jaws said...

BULLY! B;ah to them I say ...LOL The other day I ran across some one in a chat room with the name of a disney song. I thought it was cute and Mentioned to them their name was the same of a disney song my kids and I sing. They responded with "What do I care what your faggot kids sing." OMG.. hell hath no furry like a Mother defending her children.

Cute site.