Total Recall

Who knew my mom was right all along?

The pet food recall only reinforces
her belief. As a little girl her dogs ate real food scraps, a healthy variety of home made meals from the farm. Those were healthy dogs.

With a little bit of nutrition know-how she continued out of necessity,
creating a diet for dogs with special needs. It all started when she adopted a puppy with allergies. The tradition carried on as she nursed a rescued stray with electrolyte imbalances. Caring for some problematic Pekingese of a fussy nature only furthered her reasoning.

She's been feeding the dogs home cooked meals, avoiding store bought prepared canned pet food for ages. Every dog since has lived happily and healthy. I'm a firm believer in organic options.

Personally, I've done my research and really read the labels. My pooches get the royal treatment enjoying garden veggies, chicken, barley, and fruits like blueberries in their favorite dry food. Amelie's food sensitivity led us through dozens of varieties of 'vet approved' products. The latest poison scare makes me glad I went with a more natural approach.

Some recipes to try...

Real Food for Dogs: 50 Vet-Approved Recipes to Please the Canine Gastronome


Lizzy B said...

Yes, but what does one feed a cat? I know she likes tuna, but she can't eat that every day... and so far the only other thing she goes nuts for are Frosty's from Wendy's. As a side note, Elizabeth is on her back, staring at me... her belly is exposed and her wee paws are crossed in front of her chest.

gabbi said...

Dry food is good for the teeth but really needs to be researched by yourself and your own standards. Making food is an option, and work.

As a side-note: Gluten (the offensive tainted ingredient as of late) is actually a cheap source of protien often found in lower grade foods. Malamine has qualities that reflect similiar traits protien posesses. I guess that might be why it was added to fake out quality for a better price.