Gaps... Lots of them

All that I know is... I went to bed with a tooth. Now most of it is absent. This is ridiculous already! I'm sick of the dentist. Certainly can't afford another round. I was waiting for enough money to get my partial (finally). Now I have to get this fragment pulled, and God knows what else! Being self-conscious has gotten ten times worse overnight.

At this rate I'm never leaving the house. I would probably cry but I think my emotions are spent. Numb or defeated, take your pick.

Amelie finally got her 'home style' haircut. It's brought out the puppy in her. I'd smile but I haven't one available to me at the moment, *so very funny*.

I need to get a refill on my meds, and make a shrink appointment. I haven't been since end of last year, I think. I've been avoiding a visit simply because happy or sad, I don't have it in me. Call me courageous. Can you *feel the sarcasm?*.

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Milt Bogs said...

Hi Gabbi,

I know how you feel. My Chinese dentist lady is very nice but all she wants to do is pull them out. She doesn't seem to understand that the more she pulls the less I want to go out.

Unfortunately eating solid food is getting painful so I think I'll have to let her have her way with me.