Cupids bow, what's eating you, and inlaws

Puppy Love
Well Amelie had the last laugh. After getting spiffy at her hair appointment we thought we were prepared for the arrival of 'sugar-free grandma' who came up for a wedding and visit over the weekend. Wrong! The very day of her arrival Amelie decided to take up digging up the yard. Her once white face and paws were a muddy mess! Thank God she likes showers as I had to haul her in the stall and rinse her under the spray of water. A successful attempt to stress mommy out!

Darrel's mom brought the troops with her, Kerwin a pug peke and Streak some sort of Swedish hound. It was fun having a houseful of dogs though it made me realize how small our abode is. Talk about attached at the hip! Amelie and Streak were inseparable. They only stopped playing when exhausted, only taking breaks for the occasional nap or sup. I'd tease Darrel about the possible wedding of his doggy daughter. She is sure going to miss having another furry to pal around with.

All things edible
Being short of space I decided to have dinner at my mom and dad's place. Being unprepared I made up some dishes on the spot which turned out delicious. Chicken breasts baked in broth topped with fresh sauteed spinach and onions and a smattering of melted parmasean and assagio cheese. Roasted baby potatoes quartered and blended with oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon. I think it was grand that it turned out quite the same meal at the reception the next day!

Grammy managed to get dear Amelie to eat kibble and pointed us to the brand she was using. We'd tried many. Her suggestion about treats being the culprit of her digestive problems seems on the money. Amelie has been virtually gas-free since we stopped the greenies and goodies. I think she is going through withdrawal though, with all the whining she is doing now.

Our spare room is now my office (have you ever shared an office with your mate?). Thus, grandma insisted on getting lodging that accepted dogs, limiting her options. Sometimes I can't help but shake my head at her reasoning. The dogs had already stayed a night with ease. She already was booked in a hotel room for the wedding (required elevator ride) but none the less scouted for another bedding requiring parking at the door so dog transporting was easier. I felt truly horrible and confused when she ended up in a rather shabby inn.

Don't get me wrong. I love that woman silly. She is a talkative redhead with all the spunk. Between her darling brit accent, love of dogs, as well as raising a respectable son.. I admire her. However, as well meaning as she is my feelings get a bit bent out of shape when she mentions her son's (which are mine) eating habits and his weight. True, her diabetic ('sugar-free') condition makes her knowledgeable about nutrition which is helpful. Maybe I am just insecure but I can't help but wonder what she thinks of me seeing I'm tubby. Who knows?


disso_k said...

Amelie is just adorable! It sounds like she had heaps of fun with the doggie visitors.

jane said...

she sure sounds like most m-i-l's.

amelie is soooo cute! and from what you say, a little handful. that is the gas bomber, eh?
sounds like she had a blast with her doggy-relatives.

Milt Bogs said...

I know just how Amelie feels. I've been much better since I gave up on all the "greenies and goodies".