Sloppy kisses

This bites
I'm sick of soup! I pity teething babes, I really do. I miss brushing my teeth too. All the rinsing in the world doesn't help me understand how the contestants on 'Survivor' could stand it. Ugh!

Dear daughter
I'll be posting a pic of baby Am shortly. She's in heaven because daddy is home on vacation. She whines with delight, driving him utterly crazy. Yes, I wear an evil grin!

Her 'tootalage' hasn't changed much, maybe less frequent. I forgot to mention an important detail... She is fond of sitting on our shoulders at the couch. Need I say more? I laugh between groaning, at least when I'm not the target.


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Milt Bogs said...

You seem to be under attack here Gabbi. Hope the word verification fixes it.

jane said...

you're breathing her gas? roflmaoooo poor you guys!

gabbi, let her sit on your shoulder with her bottom pointed in the other direction. :)