All grown up

My baby girl, she is growing up so fast! She turned one today. A whole year old (I'm not sure what age that is in dog years). The pekes from my Mom's house came and celebrated over mini cupcakes. Tatty (my little sleeve dog) snuck away and ate the whole thing (wrapper included, unfortunately). She looked sorta green after that. Chyna did her best to follow Amelie around on the 'new toy parade'. This involved running out of the room with each toy then squeaking it in the office and running back into the living room with every single one. Little Am got the cutest gifts and even ate a cupcake, leaving the wrapper on the floor and not her tummy (phew!).


jane said...

Happy 1st birthday doggypoo. (it's 7 in dog years)

Milt Bogs said...

Exactly what I was going to say. That little dog is going to be tooting again!