Two all beef patties...?

What an interesting sup I had tonight, one big mac minus the aforementioned. No, I did not order it that way. In fact just as I took a bite I remarked how strangely cold it was. Hmmm, no surprise after the ordering fiasco in the first place...

It was bad enough the girl on till ignored us and talked to her friend (who blocked the lineup). Surprised, when the manager had to take our order as she continued blabbing.

Of course the manager asked the girl to stop being rude around the customers. Sure, I was appalled when she basically said she couldn't care less while a young newbie tried to identify the order he was trying to put it together (Oh, the new kid didn't know how to make coffee either)! By then the 'man' in charge told the guy in back to start using the stickers to identify orders as reminded all day.

Unfortunately I lost confidence in his managerial abilities when he jumped into chorus as the blonde in back came up singing 'ole, ole, ole, ole, feeling hot, hot, hot. He didn't seem to notice how stupid all of this looked.

Once I was home I discovered I'd recieved less than a 'big mac'. I tried to find a contact on McDonald's website but nada. My dad, having problems with them before was perturbed enough to take the bun-wich back. Just wait, it gets worse!

He enters the building to see the cashier girl yaking to her friend over the counter (long conversation?). He sees one of the male staff 'hooching' a blonde girls hips (remember her?). But who's the perverted little bugger? Right, that would be the manager!

My dad tells him the 'meat' problem (lack of) and the slight looking greasy haired guy apologizes. My father watched as the guy tried accessing the till (requiring the girl working it. Followig protocol? Haha). He hands my dad some change for the amount of the burger back without even asking if he wanted a replacement. Then he went back to goofing off with his coworkers. My pop was rather dumbfounded.

I've never had such a bad experience. I lost my appetite. I'm boycotting McDonald's. The 'service with a smile is free'. What a laugh. Now I understand how a clown became their mascott.


Milt Bogs said...

"Hooching" is a manager's prerogative, unless it reduces profits. I think a few emails to head office are called for here. You need to post the branch address then we could all hit on them.

jane said...

i agree with Milt. and I wonder if that is the asst. manager or the manager. are your mc donald's owned independently?
just so you know, our big macs resemble a squished version of that picture. so we can't make em like that either!