Set sail on a ship of fools

Things are somber in the wake of katrina. My dog cheers me up when my head gets too bent on how sad the world can be, grateful I am here and not there. It's a mournful time for everyone. My mind is riddled with problems but none as desperate as those souls trying to survive the aftermath of the hurricane.

Actually, watching the news for the last month has been an emotional tryst for me. I can't keep count the prayers I have for all the incidence against humanity lately.

I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs, finding a smile here and there as I go. I guess tomorrows a new day, well, at least for some of us.


Milt Bogs said...

It took them long enough to get started but at least they seem to be doing something done now.

jane said...

your blog has such a lightheartedness (is that a WORD?) and honesty about it. i always enjoy when you write new posts, gabbi.