A Christmas quicky

Dearest readers, There has been so much that I've wanted to share with you all! Some of it made it to page but not publish so I'm airing my dirty laundry now, if you will - so wrinkle your noses and keep reading!

Last Friday for instance, I really meant to tell you all what an awfully good cook I am. How I made a chicken pot pie from scratch (nearly), mindful of the need for a hearty winter supper. How splendid it looked, straight from the oven, and how tasty too - I might add (though perhaps I'd gotten a bit carried away grinding the pepper mill). Imagine me and Monty sitting down, nearly done our delicious meal. Both smitten with a forkful of pastry at the tail end of the meal we finally realized it I'd left out the key ingredient!

ertainly I accounted for it the night before, when I stayed up late preparing so I could simply throw it all together before dinner. But, after all the slicing and dicing, preheating and seasoning I really did forget. I forgot to take the chicken out of the fridge and add a dose of what the pie had been so aptly named after! What a laugh at my expense!

Then there was today...
With best intentions and one foot forward I'd spent nearly the whole day popping, I dare think I could stand seeing another kernel of corn as long as I live! 5 different kinds of madness later, minus a few old maids for measure - I can honestly say homemade Christmas treats are certainly insane in the chaos of the holiday, I'm now superbly sure.

Oh, and you'd hardly believe me if I told you about the
post office conundrum! Simply read my entry about the same time last year. It's simply now a tradition no doubt.

So, until next time... Holly Jolly to you all!


edwin said...

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Janes Insane said...

Oh my gosh, LOL, you forgot the chicken in the chicken potpie? This is an effort to make you feel better, mind you, otherwise I'd never admit to it, but I've never made a chicken potpie. So you're 1 step ahead of me...even without the chicken. ;)

gabbi said...

yep Jane - I am queen of forgetfulness!

Janes Insane said...

where are you?