Canada Post: the nightmare before christmas

I'm about to blow a gasket. Really I am.

Not only did they 'attempt' to deliver a parcel (a present, no less) to the wrong house, they also left the tracking number sticker on the delivery notice they left. OMG! So when I go get my merchandise the outlet cannot find it! The distribution depot will probably get a hold of me in 5 days, AFTER Christmas. Too bad they are open Saturday just for Christmas parcel dilevery because mine is just sitting lost and ignored.

Plenty of people blame the holiday rush, that mishaps can occur. Puleez! I have had grief with the mail system here in Canada too many times to count. I’ve had so many items lost and damaged both from and to me.

Good grief! Charlie Brown, you can't out aaargh me!


Kym said...

How frustrating, especially around this time of year when you need everything running smoothly in order for parcels to arrive safely and on time.

Whoever runs the Canadian postal system must run Australia Post too. I've been having troubles with my mail recently. Over the past couple of weeks, I have found my mail strewn over my front footpath four times. I guess it is too difficult for the postie to actually put it in my letter box.

Grrr to our postal services

jane said...

I cannot imagine how angering that must be. You pretty much know they aren't gonna find that package before Christmas.
Despite that, I hope you had a Merry Christmas.

Dawn said...

I know this is really rather late, but we just recently had problems with Purolator. They were supposed to deliver a parcel to us, they never delivered it, and never left a sticker for us. We got the tracking number from the company that sent us the parcel and the address of the parcel depot. When we checked online, the depot is only open Mon - fri 9am- 5pm. How convenient (not!)

We finally had them redeliver it to my partners place of work.

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