Lack lustre

I've taken to the night-life again, seeing it's the only time I feel alright. That isn't a huge problem seeing I could do without the dreams lately. Thus, I'm not terribly fond of sleeping.

I do find myself struggling to keep awake during key-times throughout the day though. Crazy as it sounds, I do wake up from a lucid state sitting at the computer once and a while. I wouldn't say it's a problem yet. Even if I do take short naps when I allow myself it's still better than the slumber that would drag on for hours in the past.

I haven't been in a talking mood, and I guess a writing one either (seeing I haven't posted as often). It's a shame really, since it frees the soul. My connecting with people isn't common these days, unfortunately. I've been quite the recluse.

Anyway... I'm not sleepy now, so I guess I'll enjoy the decent head-space while I can. Even if it is at this late hour.

I've been staring at a mess for days waiting my moodiness out. I think I'll finally go and wash that sink full of dishes.


zazzafooky said...

Tis the season maybe? I feel ya - absolute.

Milt Bogs said...

Hi Gabbi,

One of these days I'll be back home enough to catch up on what's going on.

Best wishes

jane said...

Gabbi, It's just that time of year. It seems like it's best just to go with the flow, know what I mean? Do whatever feels right for your body & spirit.