Every year I plan on making Christmas presents by hand or ordering them online. Also, every year that opportunity slips away as time does on my procrastination calendar.

I think my resolve for the upcoming year will be about following through on those best intentions of mine. But that's next year.

If I'm lucky I make good with a few planned gift baskets. A couple of Internet purchases are made but having them arrive on time has been both hit and miss, I'm afraid.

Those crowded malls just need to be avoided. As much as I love some stores and their decorations, and mingling with kinder folk filled with holiday sparkle, the grand scheme is a bit much for me. Heck, I bet anything on that large a scale is for most people actually.

I'm up for suggestions on gift matters and help with my shopping woes. That is to say, if you aren't too busy with your own. I bet you are, I suppose.


Pamela J Weatherill said...

Hi Gabbi. Thanks for popping by to New Century Notebook. Re the Chrissie shopping ... are there friends that you could give a journal to (ha ha!). Seriously though ... one year I gave my single male friends hand written recipe journals with a few 'easy' recipes in it ... kinda fun to make and they have all kept (and used!) them!

gabbi said...

Actually I'll keep that in mind!

Janes Insane said...

I am so not in the mood this year, actually this is my 3rd year I haven't been. This year I've done the unthinkable & gotten my kids gift certificates. They are probably going to love it though!
There are so many cool places online to shop & lots of times they're tax-free, plus the shipping is free.
The more you spend the more you save!! hehe I love that.