Out About

Today we lagged the beginning of the day in front of the TV. Watching 'The Dog Whisperer" has become a weekend ritual for us (including the pooches). Later we ran a few errands for our pets (we have ginormous fish too), and purchased building supplies for the currently dilapidated bedroom.

Of course, after a grocery run we stopped for the habitual Saturday treat of fresh baked goods and coffee (The new bakery is so conveniently situated next door to our neighbourhood Starbucks). Who could only choose one and not have the other?

I better wrap it up, and start a pizza for supper (it won't make itself). Maybe I'll catch up on the pile of DVDs, settling in for a movie tonight.


Janes Insane said...

I love the new blog look! It really is so you!

I enjoy watching The Dog Whisperer too.

gabbi said...

I remember a cute halloween dog photo, where the pooch was dressed up as cesar milan!