Insomnia in Icelandic: svefnleysi

I can't sleep through an entire night. What little naps I do partake are doused with dreams so stirring I end up feeling less than rested. That said, I'm all the more weary upon waking.

I am so wary of another night's specter. An offer of disquiet discouragement handed by insomnia's fidgeting fingers. Such a grasp of apprehension.

Blanched pale as snow, my sunless eyes in shadow. I've been troubled and downhearted. Provoked or consequential this depressive state has made ill of me.

A chill frosted over me and made it's winter-kill.


Janes Insane said...

Insomnia sucks. I wonder if you have agitated depression, that's what a doctor said I had when I was depressed, but couldn't sleep.
I'm also feeling winter's sting & hope to snap out of it soon. I am hoping the same for you.

Janes Insane said...

Well, it's depression, but you know how with depression you normally sleep? With agitated depression, you can't. So it's like you're stuck awake, yet depressed. It's awful.
Do you take anything to help you go to sleep at bedtime?

gabbi said...

I have some old tabs of meds to help sleeping and such. I eventually give in and take something usually. I end up sleeping during the day or early at night anyway. Even though I try not to.
I hate the dark thoughts that come out at night though. I really do.

Janes Insane said...

Have you tried taking the sleeping meds about 45 minutes before you want to fall asleep? That works best for me. (obviously I didn't do that tonight! LOL)

It definitely sounds like you're depressed. Remember, no matter what your thoughts are, you don't have to act on them.
Sometimes a boring book will put me to sleep, LOL, seriously though.

mainja said...

That's what's happening with this depressive episode for me too. I'm not sleeping. Which is totally opposite from others I've experienced where I sleep all the time.

I have no suggestions for you, just a hug in solidarity.

gabbi said...

Thanks Mainja.
At least the internet keeps me company, thank goodness!

petite lama said...

wow--though, beautiful poetry from your infliction. i'm hearing all sorts of this winter unrest through the past few months. i've had a bit of my own "hibernation" therapy myself. a little different from actually not sleeping--sorry for that:(