Monday, monday

Itchy and Scratchy
Amelie had a dog-gone bad birthday. Growing up is hard to do. Her allergy turned her kisser pink and she ruffled herself up as though she had fleas (unlucky dog). She was wagging over the email birthday wishes from her blogger fans.

Misery of morning
I missed the 'I'm gonna ralph' face but was right on time for the 'ugh, I'm sick' one. She had such a sorry look as I cleaned her up, poor girl!

Running with scissors
On a whim I decided to turn a maintenance clipping into a full-blown hair cut before her vet appointment. She was such a good girl! I'd have been tempted to give her a lolly if we had one at hand. Her new 'do' seems to have pepped her up a bit and has her nearly back to her ecstatic self.

The wonder of modern medicine
Just to let you fellow bloggers how my sleep schedule has been: Up one night, sleep most of the next. Thus my blogging has been less active, like the rest of me.

Well those unfortunate enough to experience mind altering drugs (prescribed of course) will know how rough it is for me right now. Try as I might I can't get my pharmacy filled and I'm running on empty. Why do I have to deal with this gack from the pharmacist? They lost the fax (someone said they saw something with my name? wtf?) from my shrinks office for my med refills. So when D went to pick it up on the way home from work - there wasn't anything there ready and waiting.

Try, try again
Next day, I explain all this to one of the drones trying to have them give me 3 days worth (which they just take off from the next submittal, as a rule). Then she tells me I do have 7 days worth left (?). I'm confused and said well then fill it and have it ready please. D goes off to pick them up. Later that night I open the white little baggy expecting a plethora of bottles - only to find 1 of my 5 meds!

Now I don't have the patience and haven't had my dosages. For those of you unfamiliar with the possible scenarios of this event, I will list them off. Risk of seizure, anxiety, even less sleep, depression, and the biggy - WITHDRAWAL. I've managed fine seeing I'm not working but I'm still ticked off because these people refuse to use their education. I'm just glad I'm not on a heavy dose of the benzo or on a different antidepressants like paxil (shudder)!

By the way, Tom Cruise
Bite me.


Milt Bogs said...

Hope it wasn't the aromatherapy oil you rubbed into her. She's a great looking dog. Mine's a total disaster.

jane said...

omgosh Milt Bogs visited you too? Weird. I'd go nuts (literally) without my meds. But the pharmacy is really good about lending me pills.
I'm glad you found my blog cuz now I've found yours! In response to your question on my blog, I remember it as a funny incident, not an angry or sad one. So I think it was just part of growing up in my family, lol. Roll with the punches or get punched out.

Chyrene Pendleton said...

Your dog is so very cute!

FreedomGirl said...

Go here to make fun of Tom(ass hat)Cruise.

No BS said...

I'm on meds, too. Tom Cruise just doesn't know what the f#%& he is talking about! I loved his movie though.