Everything reminds me of my dog

I think I need to get a life. Since taking my sabbatical from the working world I no longer have a job to write about. The only thing worthy of this boredom is decreasing my anxiety meds. Now my world revolves around my man and the house. Oh, and my day is spent in the company of my dog.

I know people would kill for a break from their schedules and an opportunity to stay home like this. Trust me, I am grateful seeing I wasn't doing well on the outside. Inside I still have the same problems. I feel like hell lately. I'm not happy with who I am and I won't do anything about it. Sometimes you fall so many times you stay on the bottom.

I'm hitting a wall of depression tonight. I'm sure it isn't fun to read about. I'd like to say 'I hope I feel like myself tomorrow', but that isn't aiming high at all.


Milt Bogs said...

For you.

jane said...

hi gabbi,
keep being, eventually, it will pass. breathe & live as best you can right now. whatever that means to you, that is your ALL. you aren't alone in this gabbi. many of us have been there to. my thoughts, prayers & energy are with you right now.
peace be with you friend


FreedomGirl said...

Hope tomorrow is better...my new meds are finally starting to take effect, I'm starting to feel more normal(whatever that is).

Indigo said...

Hello, I hope tomorrow is better!

Radin said...

Hope you get better. It will pass.

pia said...

Tomorrow might not be better nor next week, but someday...really!

I generally fall in love with my split ends when I feel like that and then after I get totally bored splitting them further, find something else equally prosaic to do, and eventually work my way back to passing for normal