You'd be dismayed by the way my mood sashays around indifference. It is not placid, as it has nothing to do with tolerance or content. Indifference is a lack of any deep emotion, concern, or care. Today is stagnant and enemy of anything constructive. My moods flip switches and throw me off the rails time to time. The next junction could be an hour from now, the results a crash or pass. All I can do is look out the window.


Doris said...

Just noticed your post in the Blog Explosion surf..... I don't mean to pimp my blog but I recognise this indifference in an old post of mine.

It is interesting that where it ends up (the junction) could also be as little as an hour away or maybe more; and could go either way. I like that idea of "All I can do is look out the window." We are so being taken on that journey!

I hope the next stop is interesting :-D

Doris said...


LOL I've just had an interesting look around and was bowled over to see we share some similar blogrollers! Though I have been retired from blogging for a while I am making a comeback and have yet to catch up with Milt from Bogsville!

gabbi said...

Checked your blog out... indeed the same emotion.