Foul fowl

I've run into a bit of a problem concerning the sofa we planned to purchase. It unfortunately is made with feathers for part of the filler... and I'm allergic. I'm not sure how big of a deal it would be, or if I could do something to prevent a reaction, such as a special inner cover of some sort for said cushions. It is slipcovered which I'd prefer seeing I have dogs and would want to change it eventually. There is another style we are interested in which is leather. Would that be enough of a barrier? The models I speak of are the Ikea EKTORP and ARILD. Should I just try somewhere else?

The roadblock has dampened the excitement of replacing our current dilapidated couch. If anyone has suggestions or experience to offer please comment. I'd really appreciate a response immensely.


tom said...

I saw this article and it doesn't seem to bode well with your desire for a couch filled with feathers...)-:

gabbi said...

Thanks for the heads up tom. I wonder if an air purifier would make a difference?

jane said...

If you're allergic to feathers & it has feathers, I wouldn't think any type of material would be enough. I do love Ikea's furniture though & hope you find something acceptable.