Pillow flight

What a night! I kept waking up startled, tossing my head side to side, breaking my slumber. It was terrible! The best way to describe the effect would be comparing the fiasco to a facial tick. One that you wake up to every 10 minutes. A lot like when the optometrist carries out the test where you get an eyeful of air. Quick bursts of tension. E-Gad! I hate that.

l felt like tearing out of the room like some animated loony, shrieking with handfuls of hair in my hands. It was a 1000 times worse than an irritating drip in the sink.

Why did I suffer this insanity? There were no falling down or tripping over dreams. There weren't any ghouls or bogeymen sneaking up on me. No haunting memories escaped from the past. Nope. No dog's pouncing, or the hubby flailing limbs in his only sleeping hell. Heck, I'd never even had caffeine fix anywhere near the time I went to bed. I wasn't agitated or panic stricken at all that day. How bizarre is that?

Maybe I'll stay up tonight. Slip away from any chance of reoccurrence. In the event I nod off, no worries...
After all, it will wake me up just like it did in the first place.

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lightmyfire said...

Love your site! Stopped by on blog explosion! Just added you to my blogroll. :-)

I have trouble sleeping all the time!! Then I'll flip my pillow back and forth over and over trying to get comfortable. Plus, if I'm the least bit warm I can't sleep. I have to be cold! Lately, it's been a chore to sleep! Plus, I can't watch the trailers/commercials for that new movie about snakes on the plane. It freaks me out to no end!!!