Fluffy tales

Well, what new and exciting dreams came from my twisted little mind this time?

Imagine this...
(begin dream sequence)
I discovered a mouse in the house, then found more. So I needed to rid them from the bizarre living structure my dream built me (rearranged thanks to sleep).

So far, not tremendously strange, right? Well my brain had decided to add a terrible detail to the mix...Yep. It turned out my house was not only plagued by squeakers but...(here's the kicker) with bunnies as well. Sweet little dusty bunnies. No pun intended.

Somehow I was supposed to come up with a way to get rid of the furry intruders. I tried to find a solution my conscience could deal with. I opted to blocked them by way of steel wool from coming into my abode. It didn't work. On to plan two...I decided to chased them away. I enlisted the mutts of mine to help carry out this mission. They didn't even assert themselves. Their barking and curious nature somehow up and left them. So that plan failed miserably.

I'd reached my wits end at this point. I had no idea bunnies were so persistent! My dream had made it very clear that I was going to have to dispose of them. To become some sort of evil bunny killer! Oh, what a wicked little trick my mind played on me! I mean, just how ugly did this drowsy encounter have to be?

The rest was everything but darling. What a rotten dream...
Nothing warm and fuzzy about it.

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