Pep talk

I hate to say it might be time for a med changes. Being tired or anxious is a constant problem. Usually I can handle it by being ok for a few days. At least enough to catch up on housework. I think the hardest part is wondering if this is as good as it gets. It's very limiting.

I notice I'm full of intention, but accomplish little. I'm not sure whether I'm too tired or if I'm simply not driven to achieve much. Other times I wonder if I'm too preoccupied by the edgy feeling on the other end of the spectrum. Both extremes are pretty damning.

At the moment I'm doing everything in my power not to go back to bed or fall off my chair snoring. Maybe if I ply myself with some more coffee.

Even going to bed has it's drawbacks
Our bed has become less of a sanctuary and more of a dog's treasure chest. Why just this morning dear Amelie was spotted playing with pasta amidst the bedding (ziti that she had run off with after begging for the night before). I stumbled to bed in the dark last night, not aware of the beds contents. It's no wonder I couldn't get comfortable as I pulled a squeaky dinosaur egg from my backside. My squirming led to my feet nudging a tasty skeletal remain. You see, our bed had also become a bone yard too. I like to think she's a puppy with a sense of humor, I certainly have been made to have one.

I had two little house guests over yesterday. Their being readied for such an outing, an event in itself. My mom was forced to take drastic measures and actually leash the little handfuls (a subject I'd been pushing for ages), since my little Peke has taken a shining to the neighbors. She's become a bit too comfortable running off into their yards, sitting on the stoop waiting for them to come out. A princess waiting for her adoration. Their breed, after all, stems from royalty.

Tatty-Ann looked so pissed off and haughty that it was comical. Chyna (her larger counterpart that lives inseparably with her sister of the litter) escaped being led by the collar by way of her bucking bronco antics. unfortunately I missed her little hissy-fit but heard it was quite a show. I guess the confine was just too stressful for her. She hopped along (due to her bad back) up the sidewalk for a visit in freedom much to her sister's dismay. Of course, Amelie and speckles made a ruckus, as usual. You couldn't get more different personalities between sets of dogs.

Several paragraphs and a cup of coffee later, I'm still as sleepy as ever. Oh well... So much for any invigorating aspect to blogging.

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jane said...

I think it's so funny how we all treat our pets more like they were kids. Well, they are, right?
It seems every so many years we need to change our meds. I'm getting on wellbutrin now & hopefully it will last a few years. Hopefully.