Hardly a hobby

I haven't been dieting. More like the opposite. Trying to find every craving. My taste buds are a bit bored lately. I don't seem to really want anything, for long. Food is so comforting but there is no solace when starting to become a picky eater. Maybe, just maybe, my brain is saying it's finally set its fat point. The scale tips the furthest your inner setting will allow. Then you for once aren't hungry. I find it peculiar. I'm not used to that.

I need to find something else to replace that security blanket. That I can drown in and feel good. I guess it could be called 'brain chocolate'. Fancy that. The name does suit it.

I've taken up reading again. I tend to do this in spurts. There was a time that it was my biggest pleasure. So much can be found online, and with all the browsing and aimless surfing, there doesn't seem a need to pick up a book sometimes. Which is kind of tragic. The couch is too lumpy, and the chair is too small to curl up in, leaving bed the only comfy place to reside. So I read in bed, but also tend to fall asleep. It's not the best location.

Sometimes the thoughts in my head are too aggressive to pay attention to the text. My mind does wander. I have one pretty bad eye too. When it gets tired it closes. I'll admit, it's pretty bizarre. The other eye gets tired and eventually follows suit. The problem is I haven't mastered reading with my eyes closed...
but I'm working on it.


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Brain chocolate...I LOVE it!!I'm a bookaholic & do 99.9% of my reading in bed. But I can stay up for hours reading. Tarzan is like you though, if he tries to read in bed, he's asleep in 5 minutes, lol.