The heat is really getting to me.

The weatherman keeps eluding to rain, implying that it's on it's way. My hopes have been dashed a countless number of time by quick showers that end hastily, making more room for endless hot days. They do not break the heat. I call them 'Rain Pre-quels', suggesting a heftier episode will follow. Wishful thinking. There's been nothing strong enough to persuade the constant cool breeze that I'm looking for.

I want it to rain outside like it really means it, damn it!
I want the electrically charged air to finally let loose the lightning, let go of it's humid hold. Decline these ever rising temperatures. Break free from a maddening summer heat wave.

Something... Anything to soothe me from the wicked hot sun.


jane said...

Girl, do I ever hear you! It's been so hot here, Saturday was 110! Rain, YES, I love rain!! I hope you get the rain you're wanting.

disso_k said...

Yikes! It sounds stifling where you are. Summer is by far my favourite season. I hate the heat. I hope you get a downpour of rain soon which cools things off for a bit.