Berry Days

Nothing is better than receiving a gift in a jar. Summer fruit lends itself to homemade jams and preserves, a welcome treat to feast on. The intense color of berries encapsulated in glass, much like jewels - a delight for the senses. Sun golden seeds fleck countless red jars waiting to be shared with family and friends. The sour-sweet flavor begs for nothing less than fresh bread. If your lucky, you might have been given a fresh loaf of that too.

Having been presented a jar of such tasty conserve, hubby suggested I make an immediate sampling. Toasted, in time for a before bed snack, we savored the tasty spread. We certainly agreed, nothing can compare to the flavor of fresh raspberry jam.

I recall summers past, busy with picking. What berries we didn't sneak out of brimming buckets were brought into the kitchen while we ourselves were scooted out for the yearly 'canning' process. Strawberry, blackberry, were both common home-spun treats encountered growing up. Blends of Strawberry-banana and other mixed flavors were often swapped between mothers, each proud to impress with their own family's recipes. Crabapple butters, along with massive jars of pickles are just some of the assortment they passed around the neighborhood table. Throw in a pie or two for good measure and the pantry, fridge, and freezer were full of that summer's taking.

I happen to have a surplus of fresh blueberries. I intend to make a treat. Any suggestions?

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disso_k said...

Oh yum, gabbi! You've definitely made my mouth start watering.