It turns out, Speckles is afraid of thunder.

Just yesterday, a storm cloud overtook a deceptively meek afternoon. I'd say it positioned itself right overhead, judging by the intensity of it. The clap of thunder left a threatened feeling. I shuddered from the startle, similar to the snap of a ruler against a desk. The reaction surprised myself. Usually I love stormy weather. Though my mother is deathly afraid of lightening, I've never been. But this time it was different.

Speckles, a dog whose ample size results in clumsy footwork and near chair tipping, had hidden herself beneath my desk. Bizarre, seeing she avoids being in my vicinity (grudging the way I steal her master's affections). Amelie was planted firmly at my side, too. It seems the storm spared none of our attention. We were, a captive audience of sort.

It was my rigid pose that bewildered me. I felt like a scared rabbit! When the power flicked off the dogs and I eyed each other nervously. Tense anticipation gripping us. We were a riot in retrospect. Ninnies!

The storm ended as quickly as it started. My nerves, however, remained jangled for a bit longer...

Even if the only 'Wiz' around here has more to do with puppy bladders than Oz, I'll likely be known as the'Cowardly Lion' from now on.

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