Teens have a way of getting into trouble.

It's when they go looking for it, begging for more than just mischief - that irks me.

Lets see... where do I begin? I caught one hot-wiring a neighbors truck. Found the traces of another one's drinking escapade (left a beer can inside our car). I recall another from the nearby group home stealing our outdoor light fixture. I could go on and on, but I won't.

My ex would disclose his misbehaving, as if being a bad egg was cool somehow. I thought I could teach him better (silly me). My sister and I, we wouldn't dream of such undertakings. It wasn't a fear of our parent's reprimands that kept our noses clean. No, it was a healthy dose of respect for other people. It's that simple. Which brings me to my latest tale.

Last night a posse of underage delinquents chose to stay out during the wee morning hours poking around the neighborhood. I tend to follow my nocturnal nature and was just going to bed. Laying there, in the dark, guess what I hear? Possibly someone outside our window, causing the dogs to stir. The sound of nearby footsteps creeping the parameters of our apparently vulnerable abode. Followed moments later , by a barely audible whispering, while the voices conspired over whatever evil deed they had lined up next on their agenda.

Next thing you know - the dogs bark, DH wakes up to peer his head out the bedroom window. What does he see? A group of five male and female accomplices gathered around my father's parked car!

So he runs to the front door, witness to no more than the said instigators hurriedly dispersing themselves across the block. The 'game' appeared over, players scattered across the neighborhood yards. Whatever dismal community disservice they were willing to partake - now over.

The grateful lot of us went to bed, hoping for peaceful sleep. My brain cataloged the nights events, holding a spot right next to the previous weeks encounter (Mr. Scary guy knocking on the door, dubage in hand, apparently speaking of said cig. underneath a thick layer of vocal canines).

I suppose it goes without saying - I wish to be spared of such visitors in the future.

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jane said...

Sounds like those kids parents should know where they're at & what they're up to. I'm glad you & DH caught them before they could do any damage.