Strange days

Attack of the birds

I wonder what it means when your neighborhood becomes over run by crows. Huge ones. My sister says they must be ravens. They are sadistic little bastards that pick apart everything around them. Seriously, they have torn wings off birds and even scared off a cat trying to catch a squirrel (wanting it for itself, no heroic deed there).

One track mind
I NEED chocolate! Wouldn't you guess there's none in the house? Didn't I know this would happen? Yes, and now here I am fidgeting in desperation. I wish there was a service to call, like 1-800-CRAVING.

Yes, yes! We have pudding! Wow, that was pretty intense. All I can say is NEVER run out of your secret stash. EVER!


NOT said...

yes, never lose your secret stache...
Sorry I sound Italian.

Milt Bogs said...

Nice post.