Night and day

Melt down
I haven't been diligent in my posting. Insomnia is winning and I'm too tired to do a bloody thing. Anyway, it's extremely hot in here and the forecast is hotter for tomorrow. I'm not a heat freak.

Waking hours
I watched the Machinist over the weekend which was brilliant. I also watched Wicker Park which was somewhere between a love story and stalker drama. Minus Cold Play (remake) the music was good (not all are include in the soundtrack). If your interested in looks I will say the lead character is easy on the eyes. Nuff said.


CPT PYRO said...

Wicker Park is one of my favs. Nice blog.

Brad said...

I've become obsessed with that Postal Service cover of "Against All Odds." Didn't quite imagine they would tackle Phil Collins' material, but it's great all the same.